Nail Extensions

Nail extensions are the quickest way to turn short, shabby nails into long, strong, beautiful nails.  Having attractive nails is one of the most effective ways of boosting self confidence and making you feel your best - and I can help you make that happen!  I create my extensions using both tips and sculpting forms, depending on the state of the natural nail and client preference.  Whether it's for a special occasion or for long-term wear, we will consult on the best extension method for your lifestyle. 
Acrylic extensions
By far the most popular method of extending the natural nail, acrylic nails are created by mixing a liquid monomer with powder polymer, which is applied to the nail and then hardens within a few minutes and can be filed into the perfect shape. 
You may have heard horror stories from customers of cheap nail bars of how acrylic "ruins your nails" and leaves the natural nail thin, sore, and peeling, sometimes taking a year or more to fully heal.  This is the result of poor application and removal which causes damage to the natural nail and takes months to completely reverse.  The products I use are MMA-free, and I do not use an electric file on the natural nail to prep!  When properly removed, acrylics nails that are applied by me will not cause the damage that you hear about - I pride myself on being able to return natural nails to their original condition following acrylic removal.
I currently use InkLondon Acrylink liquid&powder system - a professional only brand, manufactured in the EU, fully compliant with all EU Cosmetics Directives, and containing none of the prohibited substances found in most cosmetics of Chinese origin, and very importantly, these products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS!
Hard Gel extensions
Many people come to me requesting gel extensions because they've heard that they are "safer" than acrylic, or "do less damage" than L&P extensions.  This is a lie propagated by less moral salons, who in fact often charge customers for gel extensions when they are in fact standard L&P acrylic with a gel top coat, and then charge sometimes double the price because they're "gel nails!" 
True hard gel extensions are made by applying a thick, viscous gel to the nail, and then curing under a UV or LED lamp to set the gel hard.  In reality, the prep process is EXACTLY THE SAME as for acrylic extensions, and as above, I pride myself on using quality products and doing as little damage as possible to the natural nail. 
The true benefit of gel nails over acrylic is a matter of lifestyle.  Because the gel is ever so slightly more flexible than acrylic, it is a better choice for those who have a very active lifestyle, or whose hands are more frequently exposed to moisture through regular swimming, wearing gloves (rubber, latex, or otherwise), or live and/or work in other humid conditions.  Though sometimes gel extensions are an aesthetic choice, they are more often than not a matter of lifestyle rather than "being better".  A full consultation with me can help you decide whether gel or acrylic extensions are the right choice for you.
I currently use INK London Jelly Pro Gel System, manufactured in the EU, NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS, which is a file-off gel system.
Also newly available is Madam Glam Polygel system, combining the best qualities of acrylic and hard gel. 
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