Nail Art

Nail art has become the world's newest accessory - easily allowing women to express themselves in creative and eye-catching designs that can be changed easily and frequently.  Much like sand castle artists, I consider my work to be temporary but beautiful.
I use a variety of mediums to achieve many different styles and looks, and a consultation will help us decide the right look for your nails.
Handpainted design work
From simple and sleek to cute and whimsical, I can handpaint art using acrylic paint, varnish, or gel polish. 
Stamping transfer designs
Stamping transfers allow me to quickly add intricate art over any manicure.  The process will surprise you with how quickly and easily it works - usually taking longer to set up and take down than to actually do the design work!  I'm armed with a collection of thousands of images (literally!) and will be happy to help you make your selection.
There's a drawer full of glitters in my kit, ranging in a vast array of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles.  Included in this lot are the highly popular chrome effect powders, unicorn pigment, and the very chic Swarovski Crystal Pixies, which create dazzling crystal sparkles on the nail.
Crystals, pearls, beads, studs, charms, etc.
Another entire drawer in my kit is devoted to 3d element add-ons to spruce up my designs.  I have a large collection of sizes and shapes of genuine Swarovski crystals, beautiful rhinestones, and wheels upon wheels of other studs and charms.
3D sculpted acrylic
Fancy a bundle of roses cascading down your nail?  How about ice cream cones, teddy bears, or cute 3d animals?  I have create these elements in acrylic by hand sculpting or using molds for a precise and detailed look.
Encapsulated designs
Some ladies love the look of 3d art, but can't stand the feeling of an element on top of the nail.  I can satisfy the urge by encapsulating a 3d element inside the structure of the nail itself, leaving the surface smooth and glossy while still showcasing the beauty within.
Be sure to click through the gallery below to see the many types of nail art I can create for you!
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