Gel Polish Manicures

Gel polish manicures are the perfect middle ground between traditional manicures, and longer lasting enhancements like acrylic and hard gel. 
Ladies of definitive taste and busy lifestyles have long demanded more from a manicure than chipping after a couple of days.  Not many things are more frustrating than spending good money on a beautiful manicure only to discover that it has become ragged and unattractive after a few hours.  The nail industry took note of these problems and began developing long-wearing polishes that dried quickly and began lasting weeks rather than days, created by merging hard gel with nail varnishes.  The first of these hybrid polishes was manufactured by CND, called Shellac.  The brand name Shellac became synonymous with any long-wear polish cured by UV light, although most salons now use true gel polish, which lasts longer than Shellac, has a thicker and firmer final texture, and comes in a vast array of colors and finishes.  Though the nail bar in town may try to sell you a shellac manicure, be aware that Shellac is a brand name, and in a cheaper salon, you're probably getting a cheaply made import which may  or may not contain questionable ingredients.
I currently use Madam Glam gel polishes, originating from the USA but certified as 5-free, vegan, and cruelty free.  With a huge range of colors and styles, I find myself frequently expanding my (already huge) collection of beauties with confidence, because I know and trust the brand.  Additionally, most of my clients wear their gel polish manicures for 3 weeks, and could easily go longer if they weren't embarassed by the amount of new growth at the cuticle (and ready to smile lovingly at a new color on their nails).
My gel polish service is a manicure, rather than just an application of product, so you will have a dry manicure (cuticle tidy and filing), low-damage prep of the natural nail (lightly buffing the surface of the nail to remove oils and debris), application of gel product which is cured in an LED light at 30 seconds per layer, and finished with a moisturising lotion massage of the hands and cuticle oil around the fingertips.  Your chip-free manicure is guaranteed for 2 weeks when proper aftercare is performed.
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